Manor Farm


How old is the Tithe Barn?
Timbers still existing in the Barn have been dated back to around 1542/3 by a dendochronologist, who has examined samples of annual tree rings.  Brickwork was added some 200 years later. Thus the original Tithe Barn is over 450 years old.


Who built it?
It stands on land originally owned by the Church, but was probably built by the well known Lawson family of York, who occupied the Manor House after the Dissolution of the Monasteries. They were followed by the famous Hutton family, two members of which later became Archbishops of York.


Why do some people call it Rupert's Barn?
Prince Rupert, on his way to the battle of Marston Moor in 1644, is said to have housed part of his army in the Barn.  There is however no firm evidence that this particular barn was used.

With which other historical event was it associated?
In 1660, Lord Fairfax and over 200 Yorkshire gentlemen gathered around the Tithe Barn before marching into York to announce the Restoration of King Charles II


What is its significance in Poppleton?
After St Everilda's the Tithe Barn is the oldest, largest and most important building in both Poppletons. It's a good example of a traditional building reflecting the social and agricultural history of the Poppletons, and an essential ingredient of the Manor Farm area.